Turn readers into shoppers without redirection

With Zecko, develop a long-term revenue opportunity, and enable readers to shop within your platform. We create your own personalised storefront and embed shoppable products within your articles which have 4x higher conversions than redirected affiliate links.

Access to products

Products your audience loves.
At commissions you love.

We have proprietary integrations with the world’s leading brands and our technology allows you to access their catalogue and inventory in real-time. Without the affiliate network in the middle, you can earn 3x higher commissions on every sale.

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Visitors become shoppers.
Across all channels.

Flexible integrations with major platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Instagram mean that you can launch e-commerce wherever you create content.

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Embed our shoppable widgets within your articles, to increase the click-through rate by 8 to 10 times compares to traditional affiliate links.

You can set up your own shop on Instagram to promote brands and products you love while making commissions on each sale.

Set up your own mini-shop within your website. With Zecko's no-code customizable UI, you can set up a marketplace on your platform within a day, without writing any code.

NDTV enlisted Zecko to run their shoppable emails as part of the SHOP strategy. These emails now have a 50% above average conversion rate over and provide a reliable stream of weekly revenue.

Own and increase LTV

Regain control of what your readers do on your platform

You control the customer data for sales that happen on your platform. You can know what type of content and products your customers like, retarget them and get ideas for new articles!

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More revenue, no additional effort

Focus on creating content and captivating audiences. Let Zecko optimize and handle everything required to run an ecommerce business.